Is it time to look at your shit? : )

How to change unhealthy limiting patterns and live from your Essence.


I get into the same prob­lem over and over again.“ Yes, let’s face it! By avoid­ing con­fronting our strug­gles we keep our­selves exact­ly in the sh…

My friend Ines is a won­der­ful woman and a great natur­opath. She does aston­ish­ing things: Ines ana­lyzes her clients‘ stools. To some, this might sound a bit unusu­al or even repel­lent. Yet the poop does give her valu­able infor­ma­tion about the client’s health challenges.

I also like look­ing at shit pro­fes­sion­al­ly — in a psy­cho-spir­i­tu­al sense. “I get into the same prob­lem over and over again”: When you hear your­self say­ing this, or when you just observe it aris­ing in your mind, it tells you one thing for sure: It is time to look at your shit!

The “wrong partner“

Let’s face it: “I always end up dat­ing a part­ner who cheats on me“- “My rela­tion­ship feels stale and bor­ing, and noth­ing seems to change“- “I hate my body, but I am used to it“ -“I will nev­er have a hap­py rela­tion­ship“-“I keep eat­ing com­pul­sive­ly, yet that’s just how I am“- “My pan­ic attacks are tor­tur­ing me, but what can I do?“- “Yes, my boss is aggres­sive and my gas­tri­tis is annoy­ing“ – “Yes, I would love to work in a cre­ative field – but I can’t get myself mov­ing to get there“.

These are some exam­ples of what I have heard from peo­ple before they start­ed look­ing at their prob­lems – with the inten­tion of chang­ing things and cre­at­ing ful­fill­ing alter­na­tives. It is unbe­liev­able how long human beings some­times stay in painful sit­u­a­tions.

Why would it make sense to look at the not so ‘sweet ‑smelling‘ parts of our existence?

Yes – some things in life can­not be changed, and this may need a true and some­times hard griev­ing process. But many times we refrain from dis­solv­ing our prob­lems sim­ply because we lack trust in our­selves or oth­ers. Or we fol­low neg­a­tive beliefs, which lim­it us. “I do not deserve“… is one of these self-sab­o­tag­ing thoughts.

Self-Doubts and Self-Judgments

I am not good enough…. is anoth­er one. At the same time, stud­ies show the huge cop­ing poten­tial human beings pos­sess. It is ALWAYS worth giv­ing it a try – some­times with the help of a friend or a pro­fes­sion­al counsellor.

Food for Thought

  • What are your “I always end up“ … thoughts?
  • What dif­fi­cul­ties are you avoid­ing look­ing at, in order to find relief and solutions?
  • What is the sweet secret dream in your heart, which you tend to ignore or post­pone? What do you long for in your life?

I would be hap­py to hear about your dream – send me a note. What if your life is offer­ing you more pos­si­bil­i­ties than you think?

If you are inter­est­ed, you can also find some quick infor­ma­tion about poop analy­sis here. Enjoy your exploration!



Nina Koren is a train­er,
coun­sel­lor and author
in the field of trans­for­ma­tion.
She pro­vides in-depth
guid­ance for indi­vid­u­als,
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