Relax. Restore. Restart

I help you heal anxiety and follow your vision.
Nina Koren

Let's walk together.

Nina is a warm, wise, clear and experienced vision coach and trainer specialized in change-processes and Body Mind Spirit Integration.

She provides guidance on how to connect to the inner dream and deeper wisdom, so we we can live, relate, create and act from the best in ourselves. For individuals, teams and leaders for a kinder world. 
Nina Koren, MSc, MA , PhD

Do you long for a change?

There is support for you. Sometimes in life we all feel stuck, lost, tight or anxious and long for a change. Individually and collectively our times call for leaving unhealthy, limiting or destructive patterns  behind. Do you long for deeper connection? For a sense of life purpose and alignment with what is essential for you? Is your body calling for a rest? It’s my pleasure to set out with you on your journey towards joy, satisfaction, healthy relationships, vitality and a life you like.


Skype Online-Sessions

We can work in person or do online-sessions via Skype/WA Video-call, in English or German. You can receive personal one-on-one coaching or join our  self-transformation groups.

Calm. Rest. Let's sit together quietly and find your deep spacious Self again.

Finetune your inner compass.

Do you feel you are walking your own path? Out of habit, worry and fear or to please others we often limit ourselves, our  true expression and dreams. Or we struggle to take a decision that fits.

In my work I create space for your inner whispers – together we sense into what is essential for you at this moment of your life. And I love listening to all of who you are – your mind, your body and spirit. They are interwoven.


Would you like to learn to live from your most healthy Self and support others on their path? Have a look at our training programs. They all involve growing joy, inner vitality, centeredness, new friendships and nourishment for the soul. The skills you develop on this basis will serve you both in private and professional life.


Most frequent questions and answers

How many sessions are necessary, depends on you and on the issue you would like to explore. Sometimes a single impuls can bring stuck feelings and situations into flow again. Sometimes it is better to give yourself more time to prepare and realize the changes you might wish for yourself. I often suggest a two-weeks-rhythm. I recommend you decide according to what feels good and supportive to you.

A session takes 50 minutes and costs 120 euro 
(1st session: 60 min, 120 euro)
BIPsessions: 95 euro. 
5-session-series: 450 euro.
Sessions for children: 45 euro.

The 5-session-series are non-refundable and can be booked after the first „get-to-know“-session. They are to be paid in full at the first session of the series.

Health comes first
: I offer a limited number of spaces at a reduced fee for clients in  financially challenging situations or in countries with lower incomes. If this applies to you, contact me, so we can check.

Einzelsitzung: 120 Euro
BIP-Sessions: 95 Euro
Fünferblock: 450 Euro
Kindersitzung: 45 Euro

Simply send me an e-mail to praxis et and let me know approximately for what time of the day you  would like to schedule a session. I will then check my availabilities and suggest you some dates. If you live in or can come to Graz or any of the cities in which I teach, we can set things up for an in-person-session. Otherwise let’s exchange Skype names or phone numbers for Whatsapp/Facetimes calls and we will do nice and inspiring long-distance sessions.

As a Certified Counsellor, Coach and Brennan Healing Science Practitioner® I intend to support you with competence, integrity and compassion. I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose.  I regularly receive supervision and further training in my field. Additionally, I committed to the Ethical Guidelines as stated by the „British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy“, which I member with, and the Principles of Practices as adopted by the faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®. I can send them to you on request.

What my clients say.

Nina has helped me out of my numbness and to feel my body and my emotions again - it's like I finally got my own self back. Life feels more alive now again, I guess I am more alive.
Veronika N.
I felt fully accepted as who and how I am. Nina was with me with so much heart and presence - it helped me move through the hard times after my diagnosis with kindness and calm.
Christina M.
Breathing through difficult feelings was unusual for me in the beginning, yet it created a big shift. I feel my strenght and a sense of purpose again, and there is joy in my body.
Mike K.

Food for thought.

How to overcome anxiety or panic attacks, heal avoidant attachment, deal with a narcissist, handle anger, stop pleasing others, grieve your losses, recklessly love and accept yourself,  grow self-esteem, wisely love others, realize your most exciting dreams and – yes – how to simply be a human being 🙂

Here is some free inspiration for you: Step by step I will cover these topics. Have a look and let me know what you think!

It’s my pleasure.

Life asks a lot of each of us – so sometimes we loose our sense of belonging. Yet we are beings of connection. I enjoy helping you to recreate your safe ground and connectedness in your relationships – inside towards yourself and also towards the world. The work I offer is deep and  gentle;  I love to call it „Nectar for Body and Soul“ – as really: We all need nourishment, healing and growth on so many levels, right?

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