Beauty, Love and Eros shine from inside

How to unblock your life force and flourish naturally.


Do you know those days? We feel down, stuck or stressed, our backs or mus­cles are aching, the stom­ach is tight, our ener­gy is blocked and self-doubts or harsh self-judg­ments are bring­ing us down. In such unpleas­ant peri­ods, we usu­al­ly try hard not to feel our anx­i­eties, our fear of fail­ure, our fear of being seen or all of the anger we have stored up about the seem­ing­ly unlov­ing world. How awful! Is this real­ly who we are? Cer­tain­ly not. The truth is: You are as beau­ti­ful as the flow­ers in the pic­ture in this blog!

Essence – our True Self

When we allow our life force to flow freely, we nat­u­ral­ly flour­ish like flow­ers. Joy and love for life move through our veins — like young dol­phins through the oceans. We feel con­fi­dent and open to the world and oth­ers. We feel ‘okay‘ – just the way we are. I believe this is our nat­ur­al state. There is noth­ing we need to strive or fight for. When some­one allows their life force to flow, we feel at ease with them. It feels pleas­ant and invig­o­rat­ing to be in their company.

For cen­turies, many wise philoso­phers have tried to describe Essence and find words for who we tru­ly are. Essence is our Core. Aris­to­tle was among the first to write about our ‘Essence‘ – he called it ‘to ti ên einai‘, an ancient Greek expres­sion mean­ing ‘what it is to be‘. The most com­pre­hen­sive explo­rations and descrip­tions of the nature of real­i­ty – and of our our­selves – are found in Bud­dhist traditions.

Even if var­i­ous Bud­dhist schools found var­i­ous answers to the eter­nal ques­tion: “Who are we? Who is the I“?, they all per­ceive a rel­a­tive and ulti­mate real­i­ty: our rel­a­tive self, which is bound to our every­day per­son­al­i­ty or iden­ti­ty, and our deep­er, big­ger or ulti­mate Self – a Self that can­not eas­i­ly be described in words.

Beauty, Eros and Love shine from inside

We all know this from very direct and prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence: Sim­ply look at lit­tle chil­dren. When they smile, the pure radi­ance of their true being shines through their eyes like the sun on a beau­ti­ful spring day. You car­ry the same radi­ance and the same beau­ty inside you, since the very first day of your life.

Beau­ty – as well as eros and love – emerge from inside when we are con­nect­ed to our Essence. When we allow it to move freely through us, it feels like beau­ti­ful streams of warm flow­ing water.

Why then do we not sim­ply live this deep­er Self all the time?

We could choose to do so from moment to moment. Yet many times, based on mis­tak­en ideas about our­selves, our fears, anx­i­eties or self-judg­ments, we don’t dare to shine freely. We hide who we are and think we need to live up to oth­ers‘ expec­ta­tions to be loved. What a painful belief – which in addi­tion usu­al­ly makes our bod­ies con­tract or ache.

We usu­al­ly don’t even know what oth­ers are expect­ing. We are ulti­mate­ly striv­ing to live up to our own inner pic­ture of an ide­al­ized, yet unre­al­is­tic self and we miss the chance to con­nect with oth­ers from our Essence.
But this is not an inevitable fate . We shouldn‘t be depressed about who we are. We can re-learn to dis­solve our inner lim­i­ta­tions, we can anchor our­selves in our true nature and live and cre­ate our lives from there. And it works: I wit­ness it in my ses­sions with clients dai­ly and with tremen­dous joy.

I help you dissolve blocks

I glad­ly help you unblock your life force and find your nat­ur­al joy­ful flow and aware­ness again – in your beau­ti­ful heart, in your beau­ti­ful body, mind & spir­it. You will enjoy feel­ing at one with your­self again.

Food for Thought

  • Where do you block and lim­it yourself?
  • In which areas of your life are you hold­ing your­self back?
  • What would it be like for you to let your inner beau­ty and radi­ance shine? It’s your birthright – and would most like­ly be your great­est plea­sure – to sim­ply be who You are.
  • Send me a note on what comes up in you in response to these questions.


Nina Koren is a train­er,
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in the field of trans­for­ma­tion.
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